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Become a Friend of the Fest


The Bach Fest is a cultural treasure, bringing the beauty of music and the beauty of Lake Chelan together each year for a week of memorable moments of music.

Sponsorships and donations are the way the festival is funded. We thank you for your generous support in making this festival of live performances possible….

To sponsor a musician please fill out the form that you will find by clicking the sponsor button or simply donate using the donate button.

Donations are gratefully accepted. Live music is truly a community effort!


The Bach Fest Board


Meet our Donors and Sponsors


Chelan Man Multisport Foundation

Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce

Community Foundation of NCW

George and Mary Ellen Miller Foundation

Woods Family Music and Art Endowment


Conductor's Circle ($1000 and over)

Beverly Allen-Hill     

Karen Feek                                              

Sherry Fisk*

Icicle Broadcasting, Inc.*                  

Robert Ingalls                                                      

Nefarious Cellars                                        


Karen Rich and Jeff Van Horne                                            

Donald & Nancy Stager

Mike & Kerry Travers

Phyllis & Walter Malzahn Charitable Trust

Robert and Beth Bettis

Greg Donald*



Sustaining ($100-$499)

Apple Cup Cafe

Marie Anderson & John Mitchell          

Fred & Kristina Barkley

Robert & Kathryn Castrodale               


Cora Hartley Endowment                   

Darrell & Carol Cotten                                           

Dawn Findley-Groves 

M.G. Bresler

Cashmere Valley Bank

Steve J. Bovingdon

Terry & Rosemary Cox

Victor & Cathy Doperalski

Arthur Dunn

David & Jan Ellis

Denny & Julie Eygabroad

Jan & Kathi Fedor

Dave Gellatly

Dr. Charles R. Gavin

Gaylen Willett Insurance 

David &Laurel Gunsaulus

Guy Evans, Realtor

Hammond Ashley Violins 

David & Terri Hellyer

Inner Mountain Healing Arts 

Dr. Charles F. James

Robert & Patricia Jankelson

Dane Johnson

Glen & Susan Johnson

Patricia Ann Jones

Mary Koch

Carl & Sally Komor 

Tom & Janet Kophs

Danielle M. Kroll

Lake Chelan Valley Scholarship Fund

Lake Chelan Golf Course

Lakeland Agency

Mather LePage

Donald & Jane Lloyd 

Chris Millsap

Lulu Boutique                                                            

Scott & Doris Nodtvedt

North Cascade Family Chiropractic

David & Elizabeth Pettit

Red Apple Market                                                  

Jim McGrath 

Stephen and Carrol Palmbush

Marianne Patton

Rocky Pond Winery

Ruby Theater                                     

Dale Smith                              

Dave & Leslie Moore       

Jerald and Lois Sheffels                                                

Corinne Spicer                                        


Claudia Swenson

Michelle & Kevin Vaughn

Marilynn Weaver in Memory of Charles R. Weaver

Riverwalk Books 

Claude Wetzel & Lorna Marshall

Saint Andrews’ Episcopal Church Women 

Mary Sherer

Spectrum Eye Care 

Duane & Barbara Starcher

Bob & Patty Thompson

Valley Spinal Care

Bill and Norma Watson


Artist's Circle ($500-$999)

Anderson Landscaping                                

Apple Inn Motel                                                  

Daniel Baldwin                                         

Bear Foods                                           

Chelan Printing & Custom Signs*          

Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce         

Lana Fisher, CPA

Elbert & Hannah Hubbard              

Willy & Lynn Ertsgaard

Glen & Miriam Kelly

Concie Luna

Susan McKinnon 

Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival

North Cascade Bank

Fred L. & Janet M. Sharp

Arny Forner

John & Nancy Garing

Beth Jensen

Lake Chelan Rotary

Francine McGuire

Bob & Patty Myers

Rosemary O'Connell

Ken & Sandy Schwartz

Louise Simons & John Ryan

Richard & Roberta Simonds

Skip & Jeannine Stephan

Terwedo Financial Service


Friends ($25-$99)

A. Abbott

Rick & Sari Agan

Pamela Baker

Kurt and Cynthia Beckemeier

Phyllis Beckemeier

Gail A. Boothe

M.G. and L.E. Bresler

Clarence & Vicki Carr

Charles & Kathleen Cary

Chelan Auto Parts     

Chelan Ridge Community Association

Richard and Jeannie Cheyne

Dale M. Crouse

Georgia Duff      

Stephen Easley

Shirley Einarsson

Betty Hayes

Donald and Verna Heinicke

Dan & Sally Jackson

Judy B. Kollack

Lischka, LLC

Christine Mallon

Marshall & Jo Miller

Donald Mollet 

George Nickle

Doris and Scott Nodtvedt

Elizabeth Olivier

Monte & Judith Olson

James & Patricia Parker

Lind Peragine

Allen & Rachel Robison

Douglas & Carol Rowand

Virginia Schuett

Mary Ann Soligon

Dr. Casey Sutherland

Kathleen Teigen

Larry Thorp 

Tom & Mary Ann Warren

Mark Tesch





Cora Hartley Endowment Fund

As part of our growing festival, the Cora Hartley Endowment Fund has been established.  It is appropriate that the Endowment Fund be named in honor of the visionary, energetic and enthusiastic woman who founded this dynamic musical event.  Most festivals, like Bach Fest, are associated with some college, university or other entity that provides ongoing support.  The Lake Chelan Bach Fest has no such affiliation available, so to provide stability from year-to-year, an endowment fund will serve Bach Fest well.  Donations to the Cora Hartley Endowment Fund are fully tax deductible.  The Board has directed that the principal be preserved with the interest available to nurture the continued growth of the festival and each season bring great live performances to our friends in North Central Washington.  Please consider supporting the Lake Chelan Bach Fest through a contribution to the Cora Hartley Endowment Fund.